About Me

Trading in Style

My trading efforts focus mostly on the US-Stock-Market where I trade and manage my own account to generate a monthly income. As for strategies I follow different approaches for various times of the day, month and year.

During the Earnings Seasons I love to trade Gap Plays. As I generally like to trade Top- and Bottom-Reversals on stocks that are trading at extremes (overbought or oversold. Although I don’t like these expressions), you can probably say that I am a Contrarian Trader.

I suppose trades to the short side seem to resolve faster since market participants, and at the end, humans, tend to do stupid things when things go south and they sell in panic?

Gap Plays
Short vs. Long 90%
Short vs. Long 80%

Currently different Momentum-based Strategies for breakouts to the upside are in the works for my Day Trading. For Swing- and longterm Position-Trades I have always used these and slowly adapt them into my Day Trading efforts. But the risk of “fake outs” appears to be higher on a faster time frame.

Away from stocks I recently started to look into trading Options for the occasional Swing-Trade or to lock in profits in the longterm retirement department.

As you can see the market keeps me busy and always on my toes.

Happy Trading, Markus

Why Bold & Nuts?

Originally it has nothing to do with Day Trading at all. I happen to restore old Vespa scooters in my free time, or used to. I don’t really have much of that precious free time left these days. It is a hobby and something mechanical I did to compensate for everything that happened in the daily grind. Something that gives you actual results. Back then I thought I might start writing about it and saved the domain. Just in case. And for Bold & Nuts, as in, a bolt and a nut, that is keeping things together… on a scooter for example, and bold and nuts sounded like a catchy title. Right?

To be honest, the longer I am in this kind of work and lifestyle, the more appropriate the title feels. Most of the times you actually have to be really bold to take a trade, especially when it comes to Reversals. It always feels just wrong to take a position in the opposite direction of the Market. Especially when your stock or the Market as a whole is strong. In those moments it also seems nuts. 

So, here we are and Bold & Nuts it is. 


Who am I ?

Just a single male approaching his forties who got out of the corporate grind of an alleged Investment Bank a couple years back. Somebody that always had the dream of doing something different, better(?) and just by himself. Without a hierarchy, or a boss. A job that can be done remotely. The endless summer. The four hour workweek Timothy Ferriss wrote about a couple years ago and gave a whole generation of drop outs some hope. You might get the idea? 

Tempting, isn't it?

I thought so, too. Thanks to some savings and a severance package a.k.a. my compensation for years of pain and damages in the corporate world. For the first time in my life, I had the luxury of not having to take the next best job that came along. It actually gave me time to think about what I really wanted to do.

And do what?

Unfortunately I am not a creative person. I can’t draw and don’t know how to create websites or do anything else that might qualify me for a job that can be done remotely. (Although I might have picked up the latter by now. What do you think?)

No, I worked in Banking and don’t really have any useful skillset whatsoever (if you work somewhere in finance you probably can relate).

However, I was always (kind of) good with numbers. Also, starting at an early age, I have had a passion for the markets. One thing led to another and that’s where everything started…